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Matched Betting Log – March 2017

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Four months into my matched betting journey and this month’s profit is £437.  It’s been bit of a quieter month this time round.  After doing well with accumulators last month I’ve had a couple that haven’t come through and I lost a few quid.

I’ve also continued to work through a few sign up offers which has boosted profits nicely.  Overall still a decent profit given the limited amount of time I’ve spent matched betting.

Profit Breakdown

March’s breakdown is as follows –

  • Sign up offers – £240
  • Bonus offers or “reloads” – £90
  • Accumulators – £60
  • Horse Racing Each Way matches – £55
  • Mug Bets – –£8

Mug Betting

I wanted to briefly mention “mug betting” as this is often a term that comes up in matched betting.  These are regular bets where you’re placing back bets at the bookie but you’re not taking advantage of a bonus or reload offer.  You still place the opposing LAY bet at Betfair but you’d typically make a small loss of a few pence on each bet.

The idea behind mug betting is that you appear to the bookie as a regular punter and not a matched bettor.  As a result you are hopefully less likely to have your bookie account banned or “gubbed”.  Avoiding being gubbed seems to be a bit of black art.  How many mug bets are needed?  Are the bookies looking for particular behaviour?

This month I’ve placed 20 mug bets across 3 -4 of my most used bookies.  This has cost me £8 in profit but hopefully should allow me to continue flying under the radar.

Final Thoughts

My overall profit since starting matched betting in December 2016 is £2,352.

You can see my previous matched betting income reports below –

If you’re still undecided about whether to give matched betting a go you can check out my overview here.  Or for a detailed step-by-step guide to placing your first matched bet read my guide here.

I’d highly recommend using one of the services mentioned above.  Personally I use OddsMonkey and have found it easy to use even for someone such as myself who doesn’t have much experience in sports betting.

OddsMonkey costs £15 per month but has a free subscription where you can try out the first couple of offers.  If you decide to upgrade there is a a 30-day money back guarantee.  Follow the link below to sign up for your trial.

OddsMonkey sign up

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