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Matched Betting Log – January 2017

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Okay, so my second full month of matched betting and how am I doing?  Overall, not too bad and I made a total £565 in profit.

Again I relied heavily on the OddsMonkey service, especially for their Odds Matcher and Each Way Matcher tools.  An additional site I’ve been using is the popular Matched Betting Blog.  It’s regularly updated and handily details all of the latest reload offers.

If you’d like an introduction to matched betting check out my post here.  For my detailed step-by-step guide on placing your first matched bet check out my guide here.

Matched Betting Profit Breakdown

I still have quite a few sign up offers to do so I’ve been working steadily through those.  I also had a couple of lucrative accumulators.

January’s breakdown is as follows –

  • Sign up offers – £225
  • Bonus offers or “reloads” – £150
  • Accumulators – £85
  • Horse Racing Each Way matches – £110
  • Mug Bets – –£5

I’ve funnelled most of my profits back into Betfair to increase my float on the exchange.  This has come in useful for having multiple each way matches on the go where the liability can be high.

Final Thoughts

Each way matching is something I’ve hit quite hard this month.  Whilst a single horse race may return £5 profit or less if you get a few suitable races each day it quickly adds up.  It’s a very simple approach and doesn’t require sign-up or reload offers.  We’re simply taking advantage of the differences in odds between the bookies and the exchange to create our profit.

Otherwise my day job has been keeping me busy as usual.  For me the profits from matched betting have been directly correlated to the amount of time I spend doing it – chasing the offers, placing bets etc.  I’ve spent about 30 minutes each week day and a little longer at the weekends – so a decent return on my time!



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