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Matched Betting Log – April 2017

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My fifth month of matched betting and this month’s profit is £616.

In March’s profit log I highlighted how I was mug betting in an attempt to keep my bookie accounts healthy.  It appears I spoke too soon as I’ve had my first gubbing!  In this case it was from Stan James who I’d been using primarily for each way matching on the horses.  I’d obviously been taking too much “value” through my back bets.  Interestingly, they haven’t just restricted my account they’ve actually closed it and returned the balance to my bank account.

Profit Breakdown

April’s breakdown is as follows –

  • Sign up offers – £365
  • Bonus offers or “reloads” – £163
  • Accumulators – £85
  • Horse Racing Each Way matches – £15
  • Mug Bets – –£12

Final Thoughts

The last five months of matched betting has seen my running total increase to £2968.  I’m enjoying publishing my results but I’ll probably make next month my last month of publishing detailed logs.  Mostly because I don’t want this blog to be all about matched betting – I have plenty of other things to talk about! 🙂

You can see my previous matched betting income reports below –

If you’re still undecided about whether to give matched betting a go you can check out my overview here.  Or for a detailed step-by-step guide to placing your first matched bet read my guide here.

I’d highly recommend using one of the services mentioned above.  Personally I use OddsMonkey and have found it easy to use even for someone such as myself who doesn’t have much experience in sports betting.

OddsMonkey costs £15 per month but has a free subscription where you can try out the first couple of offers.  If you decide to upgrade there is a a 30-day money back guarantee.  Follow the link below to sign up for your trial.

OddsMonkey sign up

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