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January 2017

Matched Betting Overview - How You Can Profit

Matched Betting has risen massively in popularity but for many, including myself until recently, is still relatively unheard of. As early as 2010 even the Telegraph and Guardian were writing about matched betting and how it was…

By Andrew

January 8, 2017

Betfair Trading - 2 Quick Examples

In my first month’s matched betting summary I mentioned how I’ve been experimenting with Betfair trading. The particular technique I’ve been trialling is “scalping”. Essentially we are looking for low risk trades where we can…

By Andrew

January 3, 2017

Matched Betting Log - December 2016

As previously mentioned I’ve recently started Matched Betting and wanted to share my first month’s progress.  I stumbled across the concept of leveraging bookies’ sign up offers and bonuses a couple of months ago. In…

By Andrew

January 1, 2017